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Our Enkling brand, it’s social media and business networking platform helps people make powerful connections, discover exciting ideas and opportunities, grow business networks, and gain valuable insights.
Since 2015, we have pursued one simple, yet audacious vision: To create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce.
To us, these words are more than just a statement. They connect and inspire our global team because we each play a critical role in making this vision - that has the power to transform ourselves, our communities, and the world - a reality.

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A career at Enkling, while a lot has changed around us, what hasn’t changed is the strength of our culture. Whether it’s taking a simple yet bold approach to the way we work, partnering with organizations that share our commitment to creating diverse and inclusive workplaces, or helping drive more equitable outcomes for all members of the global workforce, we’re committed to our values, embracing a growth mindset and transforming the way the world works — starting from within.

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Career at Enkling, Transforming the world of work starts with our Culture and Values.

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Culture and Values, both are central to the foundation of how we operate.

Our Culture & Values

They set us apart, define who we are, and shape our Enkling community who we aspire to be.

Our Brand & Company

Enkling life, At its core is our collective personality as a brand and company.


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Our community matters, We put members first always
We trust and care about each other, we are one people
We are open, honest and constructive, open to suggestions
We act as One Enkling one community one people

Why Our Community?

We embody diversity, inclusion & belonging
We dream big and get things done together as one
We know how to have fun and maintain our values
There’s always room for everybody to inspire and contribute

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