Creating Enkling pages, FAQs

There are three types of pages that Enkling lets you create and these are for either selling an idea posting business proposals or fundraising, please note, these pages are shown on the Enkling database in their relevant categories as widgets displaying your buy now bid price and other descriptions and more, on this widget viewers can click the visit button to visit your page.
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Enkling post dashboard, FAQs

On the post dashboard the are three features that allows you to post a status, create a page for selling ideas and create a fundraising page, please note these posts are categorised as follows;
Status: this dashboard lets you post a status, image, video statuses on your status page.

Ideas: this dashboard lets you create a page for selling ideas and lets you choose your buy now bid or proposal selling preference.

Fundraiser: this dashboard lets you create a fundraiser page for donations towards your business ventures or any good cause.


Check out some of these frequently asked questions about creating pages on the Enkling social entrepreneurship network platform.


Check out some of the frequently asked questions about the Enkling social entrepreneurship network platform

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