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The Enkling experience was designed so you can easily surface business ideas and opportunities, drive conversations, grow your business networks, build your brands and discover topics you care about.

Reasons to join our community

Our Motto

“To grow your brand and businesses” is our motto, we believe our Enkling brand and our platform are for the people by the people and is what makes us Enkling community.

Our Beliefs

At Enkling we don’t believe APIs should dictate when and how you should market your business, we don’t believe algorithms should block you for trying to push and grow your brand.

Our Community

We don’t believe “community standards on spam” should block your website url links for trying to generate leads and grow your business.

Our Purpose

Invite your family and friends to join Enkling social media and business networking platform now ! It’s free and always will be.

Frequently Asked Questions

Difference between profile and homepage?

Your Enkling homepage is a place to see what's going on in your network and share professional posts in your Enkling newsfeed, while your profile is the page that's all about you. See also: additional FAQs

The platform’s commonly used social media features

On Enkling you can create, pages, groups, by clicking the (+) sign on the header and you can post service / items for sell using the Sharing dashboard. See also: additional FAQs

Network posts and sharing your content

You can share different types of content using the share box at the top of your Enkling homepage and you can control who sees it, See also: sharing external videos from YouTube, ticktock etc. See also: additional FAQs

Changing and updating your Enkling profile page

You can edit your profile page by clicking the settings button, you can change profile pic, upload cover photo, change your notifications settings and more. See also: additional FAQs

Please note: These are some of the frequently asked questions by our Enkling community. If you have any further questions or suggest FAQ(s) list, you can get in touch by clicking the contact button below, our customer support team are always there to help and open to suggestions. See also: additional FAQs

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