Small Commercial Vehicles - Bajaj & TVS Brands

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Small Commercial vehicles serve intra-city cargo transportation.

If any commercial segment is preferable for intra-city trips, then it's a small commercial vehicle. This segment includes a wide range of Bajaj, TVS, Piaggio and other brands. Also, these have been built with durable spare parts and components, ensuring long-term durability. 

Small Commercial vehicles serve intra-city cargo transportation. In addition, its auto-rickshaw models help users commute from rural to urban regions. 

Here are the popular TVS and Bajaj 3 Wheeler models. Please continue reading to know how they enhance transportation. 

Bajaj Maxima X Wide Auto Rickshaw

The Bajaj Maxima X Wide Auto Rickshaw stands out as a versatile option for transportation in various environments. With its sturdy construction and wide body design, it loads cargo and carries passengers easily. Additionally, the Maxima X Wide model has an efficient engine that ensures reliable performance on rural roads. This 3 wheeler model's price range falls between Rs. 2.45 and Rs. 2.47 Lakh. Furthermore, the Bajaj auto rickshaw offers ergonomic seating and a better ride, making it a preferred choice for businesses. 

TVS King Deluxe Auto Rickshaw

If you're searching for a reliable model for urban and rural transport needs, then it's TVS King Deluxe. This model has an appealing design with a strong body to withstand climate conditions. However, they have agile handling, but their spacious interior enhances the driving experience. Also, the King Deluxe model has responsive steering to navigate narrow lanes or crowded streets. This TVS 3 Wheeler model's price range starts from Rs. 1.20, going up to Rs. 1.35 Lakh.

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