Terms and policies that may apply to you


• Community Standards: These guidelines outline our standards regarding the content that you post to Enkling and your activity on Enkling and other Enkling Products.

• Commercial Terms: These Terms apply if you also access or use our Products for any commercial or business purpose, including advertising, operating an app on our Platform, using our measurement services, managing a group or a Page for a business or selling goods or services.

• Advertising Policies: These Policies specify what types of ad content are allowed by partners who advertise across the Enkling Products.

• Self-Serve Ad Terms: These Terms apply when you use self-serve advertising interfaces to create, submit or deliver advertising or other commercial or sponsored activity or content.

• Pages, Groups and Events Policy: These guidelines apply if you create or administer a Enkling Page, group or event, or if you use Enkling to communicate or administer a promotion.

• Enkling Platform Policy: These guidelines outline the Policies that apply to your use of our platform (for example, for developers or operators of a platform application or website or if you use social plugins).

• Developer Payment Terms: These Terms apply to developers of applications that use Enkling Payments.

• Community Payment Terms: These Terms apply to payments made on or through Enkling.

• Commerce Policies: These guidelines outline the Policies that apply when you offer products and services for sale on Enkling.

• Enkling Brand Resources: These guidelines outline the Policies that apply to the use of Enkling trademarks, logos and screenshots.