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Welcome to Enkling! Every entrepreneur is a treasure, as such we aim to protect every customer that uses Enkling services. As such the provided terms of services seek to govern and protect all your transactions and interactions whilst you use our services.

Social entrepreneurship media, vision and core objectives

Our key objective is to create a platform where entrepreneurs get a chance to commercialize their business ideas and services whilst simultaneously attaining a business mindset that is enabled through a digital community that is surfeited with business opportunities that some might decide to invest in. The idea is to foster social networking that promotes business growth.


Find your niche and purpose that is best for you and explore it happily and cheerfully.

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Deandre Dominguez

I get inspired and inspire other social entrepreneurs since I joined Enkling

Alvaro Mcgee

I found many business ideas on Enkling, bought one now my business is a success

Miranda Shaffer

Enkling keeps me posted on new business ideas and opportunities best platform ever