Best things you can try when you can't use Meta wallet

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MetaMask wallet, or let's say a Meta wallet is supposed to give us an effortless user experience. But, there could be times when this wallet might also give you glitches.

MetaMask wallet, or let's say a Meta wallet is supposed to give us an effortless user experience. But, there could be times when this wallet might also give you glitches. These glitches could be technical or can occur by the mistakes committed by human beings. But, our frustration level rises up when we have to make an urgent transaction and this wallet stops responding to our commands. Well, this generally happens in scenarios when MetaMask is down. However, there could be other factors responsible for this issue apart from MetaMask down.

Well, in case of outages with MetaMask, there is nothing as such you can do. But, if there is any other factor responsible for why you cannot use MetaMask, then you can take some actions to come out of this problem. So, our first step would be to figure out the main reasons behind this issue as this would ultimately help us in finding the apt resolution for the same.

Why can't I use MetaMask?

Begin by finding out "Is MetaMask down?" Well, if that is the case, you can just sit back and relax till the backend team of MetaMask tries to resolve this issue. Apart from that, it could also be possible that some kind of scheduled maintenance activity has been taking place at their end. In that scenario, you are suggested to visit the official website to check the status or any maintenance notice.

On the other hand, there could be some other reasons due to which you may not be able to use MetaMask. E.g. in case there is an issue with your device or the internet connection it has been connected to. If you are using an outdated version of the wallet extension or if your device is infected with a virus. Additionally, if you are using a VPN or anti-virus service on your device, a similar issue might arise.

The following solutions will let you have a glance at what could be done if you wish to get back to using your Meta wallet.

Solutions to try: 

After figuring out the MetaMask down status, if you know that nothing of this sort is happening with MetaMask, you can try out the following remedies to fix the issue:

·         First of all, we suggest you restart the browser on which you have added the MetaMask extension. In the case of the mobile app, you can force close it from the application menu and then open it again.

·         If that does not help, you can restart your computer system or the mobile device that you are using.

·         For some users, locking and unlocking the Meta wallet also helped. So, you must try that as well.

·         If you are encountering a problem with a particular transaction on MetaMask, then you are suggested to make a quick check about the relevant block explorer of the network in use.

·         Also, go to the official website of MetaMask and install the latest version of the extension or the app from there.

·         If you are having a problem that is pretty unique and is not commonly faced by people, then you can search MetaMask Community Forums for the same and you'll surely get an answer to your query.

·         In case you are using MetaMask in connection to the other app or portal, then we suggest you check for issues with that particular app or platform.

·         If your wallet has been compromised and you are unable to use it because of that particular reason, then we suggest you recover your wallet using the seed phrase. In case your seed phrase is not working, then there is no way you can ever use your Meta wallet.

·         Last but not least, you can get in touch with the "Support" team of MetaMask and you'll surely be able to get the apt solution to your problem in no time. However, we suggest you deal with any such issue with patience as sometimes the support from the MetaMask end might get delayed.


The conclusion that can be drawn after reading this post is that issues with the MetaMask wallet may come like an uninvited guest. However, if you know the responsible factors and the remedies for resolving the issue, then you can easily get back to using this wallet again. However, the provided solutions do not guarantee that the issue will be resolved at the earliest. At times, it could be a little time-consuming. On the other hand, in the case of MetaMask down status, just wait for the team to resolve the issue.