Les Bullideres - Modern Andorra real estate at a good price

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Les Bullideres - Modern Andorra real estate at a good price

Les Bullideres - Modern Andorra real estate at a good price.

A visa to visit this country is issued at one of the consulates in France or Spain. Documents can be submitted to the visa departments of the consulates of these two countries, or to visa centers in Russia. Depending on the consulate to which the tourist applied, the set of documents will depend. Instead of a reservation or an invitation from Spain or France, a tourist can provide an armor from a hotel or an invitation from an individual or legal entity located in Andorra. The consular fee is 35 euros and is paid in accordance with the requirements of a particular consulate.

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You can get a national visa of Andorra. It can be issued at the Embassy of Andorra in Paris, Madrid and other diplomatic missions. The visa department is provided with a completed application form, four photos, a photocopy of the first page of a valid passport.

The period of stay in the country is limited to the number of days specified in the Schengen visa. The maximum stay in the country is 90 days for six months.

Types of residence permits.

The residence permit in the Principality has two types: with the right to work and without the right to work. Most of the immigrants apply for a residence permit that does not give the right to work. The main requirements for obtaining it are:

Financial viability;

Certificate of no criminal record;

Absence of incurable or severe diseases.

Obtaining a residence permit that entitles you to work under a contract is very difficult. The labor market in the country is not large and the government applies protectionist measures to prevent the employment of indigenous people. The employer needs to try to convince the authorities of the need to hire you specifically.

A positive factor for living in the territory without the right to work is a low financial threshold. It is necessary to have 30,000 euros in a bank account and another 7,000 euros for each dependent applicant. You also need to buy or rent a property for living. To obtain a residence permit, financial conditions are much more attractive than in other European countries where the banking and tax systems are well developed: Malta, Luxembourg, Monaco, Liechtenstein. At the same time, the deposit is refundable. If you wish to leave the Principality, the money from the deposit will be refunded.

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