Share experience to play handicap of 3/4 goal i

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Share experience to play handicap of 3/4 goal in football betting

What does the 3/4 goal handicap mean? Why do many people care so much about this type of bet and how to play this 3/4 handicap bet will be fully explained in the following article.
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In football betting, understanding the various types of betting handicaps is extremely important for you to win against the bookmakers. Each bookmaker has different ways of determining the odds for each match. So, to participate in betting as well as to better understand general betting handicaps and specifically the 3/4 handicap, you need to choose a reputable bookmaker and create your own betting account there. Currently, there are many betting sites, and the top 3 bookmakers rated as the most reputable in the world today are available on the Wintips website. These are the most reliable bookmakers in Asia, the top choice for sports bettors with advantages such as high security, fast deposit/withdrawal, user-friendly interface, and good customer service. It only takes less than 3 minutes with a few clicks and entering some basic information to set up an account.
Once you have an account at the bookmaker, you can learn more about the various types of diverse betting odds available today. Below will provide you with more details about the 3/4 handicap.
What is the 3/4 goal handicap?
The term '3/4 handicap' is often referred to as 0.75 (3/4 goal over/under) or commonly represented by the bookmakers as over/under 0.75 or over/under 0.5/1. Because there are many terms related to this type of bet, first-time players are likely to feel confused. This half-goal handicap is one of the commonly seen goal handicaps in the first half of a match when betting on football online. Usually, it is seen as follows, as it's prevalent in the first half, this handicap is determined based on the final result at the end of the first half:
Case 1: If the match ends with no goals scored by either team (0-0), players who bet on the over will lose to the bookmaker, whereas those who bet on the under will win based on the odds offered by the bookmaker.
Case 2: If the match ends with only one goal scored by both teams combined (for example, a score of 1-0 or 0-1), players betting on the over will receive half of the bet amount, and those betting on the under will lose half of their bet amount.
Case 3: If the match ends with more than 2 goals scored (for example, scores like 2-0, 2-3, or 3-1), players who know and bet on the over will win the full amount, while those unlucky ones who bet on the under will lose their full bet amount.
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Example of the over/under 3/4 bet
An example of the over/under 0.75 bet is the first half of the UEFA Champions League final match between Real Madrid and Juventus. The odds set by the bookmaker for the over/under were at three-fourths, with the bookmaker offering odds of 0.76 for over and 1.16 for under.
Scenario 1: At the end of the first half of this match, neither team scored any goals. Players who bet on under will win, while those who bet on over will lose to the bookmaker.
Scenario 2: If the first half ends with just one goal scored (1-0 or 0-1), lucky over bettors will get half their wager, whereas unfortunate under bettors will lose half their wager.
Scenario 3: If after the first half both teams have scored two or more goals (for instance, scores like 2-0, 1-1, 3-1, etc.), those who bet on over will win their bet, while those who bet on under will lose their bet.
However, in reality, during the first half of the Champions League final between Real Madrid and Juventus, the score was tied at 1-1. Those who bet on over 3/4 won their full wager, while those who bet on under lost.
How to approach the over/under 3/4 bet
To help you understand better when analyzing football betting odds, with this over/under three-fourths bet, let's consider a match in the English Premier League between Leicester City and Liverpool. Liverpool is favored and handicapped by three-fourths, with odds of 1.91 for over and 2.02 for under.
Scenario 1: If, after the match, Liverpool wins by a margin of two or more goals (for instance, scores like 2-0, 3-0, 3-1, 4-1…), the over bet is certain to win, meaning if you bet 100K, you'll get back 191K. However, betting on under will result in a loss.
Scenario 2: If Liverpool wins by only one goal (for example, scores like 1-0, 2-1, 3-2, 4-3…), the over bet wins half the wager, while the under bet loses half the stake.
Scenario 3: If Liverpool doesn't win (a draw or a loss), the over bet will definitely lose, and the over wager will lose as well. But if you bet on the under, Leicester City winning means a return of 202K for a 100K bet.
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In reality, the over/under 3/4 or 0.75 bet explained here is quite understandable. It's not complicated or confusing, especially for beginners. All it takes is a little time to learn and deduce. If you have a passion for football, you can master it.