Revolutionize Workplace Well-Being with BizPerf

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Revolutionize Workplace Well-Being with BizPerformer: Your Path to Employee Happiness and S

BizPerformer is a dynamic digital platform designed to enhance workplace well-being. We offer businesses a tool for monitoring and improving employee well-being through our intuitive MyThrive pulse check. Our user-friendly interface provides clear, graphical insights into employee wellness trends, aiding in timely interventions to prevent stress and boost turnover.

BizPerformer is your digital companion for promoting well-being in the workplace. Our platform offers a comprehensive overview of your employees' well-being, presented in easy-to-understand graphs, generated from our regular well-being pulse check MinTrivsel.

Being able to monitor employee well-being ensures your ability to provide timely care. It allows you to address those employees showing a downward trend, thereby preventing stress and resignations.

BizPerformer has introduced My Well-Being, a product built around the 


WHO-5 tool, designed to assess an individual's well-being. This powerful tool, researched, developed, and tested by Professor Per Bech, spans various population groups across nations. 

WHO-5 comprises five simple questions, inquiring about feelings and experiences over the past fortnight. The primary aim of WHO-5 is to measure the degree of positive experiences in one's life, serving as an indicator of overall well-being or welfare. It's widely acknowledged that a person's well-being is closely tied to their level of functioning.

My Well-Being (WHO-5) is user-friendly, designed to be straightforward, and is recognized as a reliable well-being measurement tool—often likened to a well-being thermometer. The electronic system offered by BizPerformer streamlines score calculation, allowing you to effortlessly track progress over time via colorful graphs.


Low scores on My Well-Being questionnaire may indicate a potential need for support or treatment. It is recommended that individuals consult a medical professional for a comprehensive evaluation in such cases.