Food Traceability Market Size, Global Industry

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Data Bridge Market Research analyses that the food traceability market was valued at USD 17

Data Bridge Market Research unveils a comprehensive study of the Food Traceability Market, presented in a visually compelling format for effective data absorption. Key insights are readily evident through insightful graphs, charts, and figures, empowering informed decision-making.

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Utilizing cutting-edge tools and techniques, this Food Traceability Market   report rigorously conducts research, analysis, and data gathering. It strategically profiles key market players, conducts systematic analyses of their core strengths, and presents a competitive landscape. In today's business landscape, there’s a dire need for precise, comprehensive, and detail-oriented market information to gain a clear understanding of market landscapes. The Food Traceability Market   report serves as a reliable resource, empowering businesses to focus on the realities and nuances of the Food Traceability Market, thereby guiding them on the right path.

Data Bridge Market Research analyses that the food traceability market was valued at USD 17.3 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach the value of USD 37.90 billion by 2029, at a CAGR of 10.30% during the forecast period of 2022-2029.

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Market Definition

Traceability (tracking technologies) in food refers to the ability to identify and validate various stages of the food chain, from production to distribution. It entails identifying the origin of food as well as its destination, from which it is expected to be distributed to various end users. This system is critical in global food trade because multi-ingredient food includes materials from a variety of food chains and countries.

Food Traceability Market Dynamics


  • Growing cases of foodborne diseases and food adulteration globally

Foodborne illnesses are typically caused by pathogens and mycotoxins contaminating food. The presence of pathogens in food, such as Salmonella and Listeria, certainly jeopardises the microbiological safety and quality of food, leading to foodborne illnesses.

  • Rising digitisation and technological advancement in the food tracing industry

Another prevalent trend in the food tracing industry is the digital supply chain, in which technologies such as predictive analytics, improved visibility over the movement of goods, and robotics assist warehouses and distribution centres in efficiently tracing food. Warehouse managers created a warehouse management system that uses radio frequency guns to prevent people from picking the wrong product.

The transportation management system, which was previously handled manually, would be digitised. Using the system's own parameters, standards, data points, and expectations, retailers can give their suppliers specific delivery time frames by utilising a cloud-based interconnected solution. This will not only streamline the scheduling process, but it will also provide us with a massive amount of tracking information and data that we did not previously have.


The key drivers of the global food traceability market growth are the legislative framework and certifications and standardizations. This is due to various governments in developed and developing countries being compelled to follow food safety standards and laws, which further supports market expansion. Other market drivers include competitive advantage and brand loyalty, tracing contamination and product recall, and the flow of information upstream and downstream of the supply chain.

Key Highlights in the Report

  • Providing an extensive analysis of the Global Food Traceability Market for a holistic understanding.
  • Presenting details about the leading industry players, their product ranges, and strategic approaches.
  • Delving into the prominent regional landscapes where Food Traceability Market   demonstrates significant growth.
  • Exploring the latest trends and advancements within the industry.
  • Identifying potential and specialized segments/regions poised for notable expansion.

Some of the major players operating in the food traceability market are:

  • C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc (US)
  • Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. (US)
  • OPTEL GROUP (Canada)
  • Cognex Corporation (US)
  • Honeywell International Inc. (US)
  • SGS SA (Switzerland)
  • Zebra Technologies Corp. (US)
  • Bar Code Integrators, Inc (US)
  • Carlisle Companies Inc (US)
  • Merit-Trax Technologies (Canada)
  • FoodLogiQ (US)
  • Food Forensics Limited (UK)
  • Bext360 (US)
  • Covectra (Italy)
  • TE-FOOD International GmbH (Germany)
  • Source Trace (US)
  • Trace One (US)
  • Crest InfoSolutions (Ireland)
  • Damselfly Solutions Inc. (UK)

By Technology (Infrared, Biometrics, Global Positioning System (GPS), Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID), Barcodes, Near Field Communication (NFC)), Equipment (Thermal Printers, 2D and 1D Scanners, Sensors, Tags and Labels, PDA with GPS, Others), Software Type (Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Friction Welding, Laboratory Information Management Software (LIMS), Warehouse Software, Others), Application (Fresh Food Produce, Dairy Products, Beverage Products, Others),  End-User (Food Manufacturing,  Warehouse and Transport, Retailing, Government Departments, Others) 

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